Industry expertise

  Pay TV

The Singular partners with Thailand’s biggest entertainment label GMM Z
     The Singular Group Pay TV has introduced many of the world's leading pay TV companies to its highly effective face-to-face sales channel.
     The division has expertise in single play, double play and triple play as well as high-definition, and up-sell and cross-sell on content packages.
     The Singular Group's skill in delivering new customers via its Human Commercial™ is recognised as not only the most cost-effective channel, but also the preferred way for customers to learn about and select a pay TV package.
     Most customers trusted the face-to-face sales process more than the online or telephone subscription processes. They also liked the fact they could ask a face-to-face sales agent more detailed and probing questions; something they felt they could not do as effectively when buying online or over the telephone.

     Since The Singular Group Telecommunications, it has acquired more than 12 million new customers across the world for its clients, and has given consumers access to better and more cost-effective telecommunications services.
     Telecommunications has represented telecommunications giants in Australia, the UK & Ireland, Poland, Greece, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand.
     The division has also pioneered electronic data processing, straight-through processing and a number of quality-assurance initiatives, including our unique sales integrity mechanism that has led to industry recognition as the premier acquisition agency in this sector.
     The advent of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), broadband and evolving broadcast technologies has presented Appco Group with the challenge of educating the private market on the benefits of a consolidated platform.
     With the help of feedback directly from its customer base as part of The Singular's Human Commercial™, major telcos are now designing products with the individual needs of their customers in mind.

  Financial services
     The Singular Group Financial Services has delivered high volumes of customers for many of the world's leading banks and financial services institutions across a range of products and services, including credit cards, prepaid debit cards, insurance and personal loans.
     The division has extensive experience across a number of sales channels including in-branch, in-store, events, shopping centres and airports.
      In this highly regulated environment, The Singular Group Financial Services is recognised as an industry leader in terms of quality and compliance.
     The division operates with a zero-tolerance approach to any non-compliant behaviour or processes, offers comprehensive sales training and development programs, a state-of-the-art straight-through processing solution, and our unique sales integrity program, which includes third-party verification and validation direct to the client at point of sale.

     The Singular Group Support we offer a personal approach to fundraising, speaking directly to people in their homes, at their places of work, at private sites and in public venues.
     We understand the importance of providing our charity partners with long-term, quality donors. We successfully recruit donors who appreciate friendly interaction from our professional fundraisers.
     Our fundraisers engage every individual in a conversation about the charity they are representing, and our expert approach, insistence on quality and passion for the causes we represent, continually turns otherwise unreachable people into loyal donors who keep on giving.
     In 2012 alone, we recruited over 1.5 million donors for our partners, which is testament to our fundraisers and the responsiveness the public continues to have to this form of fundraising.
     Our focus on attracting committed, quality donors, has seen us become the first-choice donor recruitment agency for non-profit organisations.
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